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Updated: Aug 22, 2023

The Recipe Card concept wasn't immediately accepted.

A visit to an awesome local, cheese making farm was the start of these cards. Our little country drive in the valley was a serendipitous find. I think we were randomly driving on a back road.

This farm is still well know around these here parts. Their cheeses are amazing. They may offer something else, but I have yet to get past the cheese.

Wait a sec. Of course they had ice cream. We had stopped at their small cafe and shared a milkshake and grilled cheese sandwich. Folks, these were not your ordinary grilled cheese sandwiches. We sat down and devoured both the milkshake and the sandwich.

Then we moved along to the shop. This particular dairy has quite the gift shop and it was fun to look around. But that's when it came to me. If they had recipe greeting cards, they could sell more products.

My mind hopped onto that train!

If I could create a product, that in turn, would sell products at the gift shop, that's a win-win!

And so the Recipe Cards continued, but with a more specified purpose!

This sweet, valley farm of a location did not hop on to our concept. However, we still used their cheese in OUR own recipe for a fancy grilled cheese recipe. Any many mercantile's have thanked us since we feature another product they sell.

Fast forward to today.

We now have customers that specifically ask for certain products to be included in the cards' recipes. This way they sell more of that product. How exciting! We've just helped sell more product, by selling our product at the gift shop/mercantile.

We feel like that's a WIN-WIN.

That's where today's feature by Terrapin Ridge Farms comes in. There's a particular store that sells our Recipe Cards. They also sell Terrapin Ridge products. Our goal is for our customers to be successful in business. This is just a small, but mighty way for us to help, while also living our dream of creating and painting.


This blog post has 100% human content. All grammatical errors are my own.

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