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Middle of Somewhere

It's Tuesday all right.

It's been awhile since I have hung out with this group. Every Tuesday, there's a location chosen, for whomever wishes, to come out and plein air paint. Oh yes, I've mentioned them before in my Island View Schoolhouse blog a few weeks ago. It's quite a large group but the amount of people showing up depends on location and people's every day lives.

Today was a small turnout.

I saw that today's location was deep into the woods in a place I've never been before near Townsend, TN. Narrow winding Tennessee back roads, gravel in some places, beautiful barns (as seen below) and the old log cabins that you know have stories. Some of them had to be well over 100 years old. Those are the kind I'd love to sneak into. Then I can't help but think these are the places Dolly Parton sings about. When you live here, you think back to what it must have been like. The hills of Tennessee are thick!

This was a beautiful spot to have a home on the hill (you can see it in the painting, not in the photo.) They even had a lovely, newer, log cabin of their own for AirBnB rentals. I live an hour away but even this is a tempting rental. Quiet - yes; out in the middle of the hills- yes; on a farm - yes; peaceful - yes; bears - yes.

At 10am in the morning, yes, a big black bear was crossing the road as I left.

Normally I stay longer but I needed to get back as my to-do list was louder than the peaceful bird sounds. I bet there was awesome art made today by the rest of the group. I did a little 4x4 exercise painting that you can see here.


This post is 100% human made content. All grammatical errors are my own. Also, I'd like to point out that the images are mine. This day and age, you never know what is real. Well, today, I'm afraid that painting is all mine. LOL.

watercolor painting from the Smoky Mountains Plein Air painting outing.
Here's the final version after a bit of time at home. I can't help but play with color pencils over top of watercolors. There's something about the texture it makes for the pencils... Originals are generally for sale and priced per request.


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