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Say No to Straight Lines

They're over rated.

There's a free flow state that I can get into with my art. With some paintings, I know I did the best I could at the time because I let the free flow state in. It means that the subconcious skills from all the years are driving the pen, pencil, paintbrush - whatever.

I can't always do this.

I'm working on getting to that point.

The silliest of responses people give when asked if they are creative is the one where people say they can't draw a straight line to save their life.

Thank God!

Who wants to look at a straight line anyway?

Somehow a straight line has become the rule to being a good artist.

Well, I'm screwed.

The flow state is when an artist isn't creating what they think people want. It's them creating because it's what's inside them. It's easier for some to achieve, and that's what makes them a good artist. It's definitely not a straight line.

I'm writing about this because this is what I am working on. Working in watercolors helps this process because it's so fluid – literally.

So many people want to control watercolors. I've always been a raving fan of the watercolors that, when looked at up close, they're blobs of wonderfulness. It's not calculated, precision marks that leave anything to the imagination. I know I am still controlling it to an extent. But the flow is getting better.

I think that's what I am working on with my creativity, also. The attempt to NOT try to control it so much and let it free-flow – for all my creative endeavors.

That's when the amazing things happen.

Is this a "Jesus take the wheel... I mean paintbrush" situation? Probably. I need to do that more for other things in life, too.

That's it for today. I am going to get back to blog posts on Tuesdays. I've been playing catch-up (like in last blog) and I think I am about there.


This post is 100% human generated content - including my grammatical errors. Thank you for reading!

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