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Revamp Your Brand Image with a Fresh New Logo Design

And that's just what we did! Are doing... It's in progress.

BTW. This title is AI generated.

Usually I boast that my misuse of the English language is all my doing.

As I started to type and saw the AI icon pop-up, I figured I would try.

Well. Some of you know that one of my main passions is logo and brand creation. Since this is my own, side passion, of course I needed to get my logo up to speed and to my liking. The initial one I had, I still love, but flexible, it was not.

According to AI and the title they created, I guess I have just revamped my brand image.

***Can you see the difference? I could and it was driving me crazy. The one on the right is my "I have to call it finished and move on to the rest of life" logo.


But I am not here to talk logo creation and freshness.

I am writing because I am doing my first ever trade show in just a few days. So nerves are high, my brain is foggy, and the time to prepare is dwindling.

If you know me, I can't just put product on a table and call it a day. It involves copious amount of hours, prepping a display, prepping THE displays that display the products...

Yep. That's me in a nutshell. A rather large, chaotic nutshell.

So this is it for today. I hope you like the new logo... If you noticed, I had a temp logo for a few days. It wasn't working for me because of legibility, and the lines were too... straight.

This one has been modified to fix those issues. I wanted the lines to be more qirky -like me. In the good kind of way.


Generally all content, including grammar are all human generated. Except this time I thought I'd play with the title. Have a great day!

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