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Preservation Prints and Postcards


Dearest reader, I have been away working on projects. (eh-hmmm – hence the name of this site). Therefore missing my goal of blog consistency.

There's a bunch to write about. But today I will keep it short.

If you haven't yet seen our Preservation Postcard page, then I need to mention. This is showcasing locations (so far only East Tennessee) that sell the Preservation Postcards. These were created to bring life to the historic landmarks around us. Thus, preserving history in short little blurbs, one postcard at a time.

What makes these extra special - certain landmarks are sold only at specific locations. They are branded to these locations. If you go in and buy one or two or three or more – you are supporting that location. Travel around to collect all 30... and growing.

However, upon special request, we have made prints of some of these buildings and made them also available. We still suggest going in person where it is noted.

Prints on wall

The current Preservation Prints posted are also available at the East Tennessee History Museum Shop off of Gay Street in Knoxville.

AND they have the postcards!

Gift giving should be all year. If you're not 'present pooped out', then you should head out to the museum (Check their operating hours, though!) and pick up a few for you and your favorite people. (Aside: This museum is a wonderful showcase of the area. Go for simply that. The prints and the postcards are just icing on the history cake.)

If you live too far, here's a link to the page where you may order the 8x10 prints online.

OK. That's it for now.

Hope you had a joyous Christmas! (I did! Thanks for asking.)


This article was written 100% by me, even the grammatical error. HOWEVER, I did use Midjourney to give me a mockup of a living room scene. Then I photoshop the prints into the scene - which still takes skill, I might add. So there's that.

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