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Newfangled Days

April showers bring May flowers. Hello, May!

How many times will May the 4th Jedis be heard in the next 2 days? Heck, some people are stuck on that all year round. (Are you that person????) Then there's Cinco de Mayo, any excuse to eat Mexican food is good for me. And I'm not forgetting about Mother's Day. But I am talking about all of THOSE other days. I am sure, that this month represents something that someone decided we should celebrate all month long.

I just found out today is International Harry Potter Day.

Oy. I am the worst with pop culture! I don't know much about Star Wars and even less about Harry Potter. Embarrassingly, I've seen the movies but can't remember a thing. If I was asked to answer movie trivia or die, alas, my end would be here. Double oy. I'm not ready.

The fact is, time flies and faster each day. I hear it may speed up as you get older. However, I've always had the gift of a mind that wanders and imaginates...(???) so time has always flown for me.

But here lies the beginning of another month. Its real meaning doesn't come from a universally distributed calendar, nor constant social media reminders with pancake or big hair days. It certainly isn't defined by the news' entertainment segments of what the day or month is supposed to mean. And for goodness sake, celebrate the history of something important to you all year round. Who decided these silly rules anyway? I've never understood how the difference between 1 minute after midnight changes what you are supposed to believe for 28-31 days. How weird is that?

But May can mean all sorts to you. It might be the month of your niece's or child's birthday (my niece is turning 20!!! – HBD Rhi!), wedding anniversaries, gotcha celebrations, or it simply could be the month you annually clean out your garage for the Summer.

That is not a bad idea...

It's whatever you make it to be. And I hope you give it meaning for – you – (and your family). Make tons of reasons to celebrate! (I'm telling myself this, too.) Reaching out to people is especially important when the only reason is to say "hello” or "I'm thinking of you” without it being a newfangled, supposed, 'special' day.

Whenever D and I go to restaurants and they ask what we are celebrating, we always exclaim "Today!"


Yet another one of my blog posts that is created 100% as a human, including the imagery. All grammatical errors are my own.

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