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Let's Be Honest

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

No one is perfect.

I wrote the first and last line of this blog post already. Is that the way you are supposed to write? Maybe not, but today it seemed fitting. (You're welcome to jump ahead and read it.)

WARNING: I am going to get a bit deep in this blog post.

There are so many things that – we think – need to be perfect. Expectations are commonly society driven, like in the case of social media. It's a kind of weird, modern day peer pressure where we let ourselves be influenced. It can easily sway our mind from what we know in our very core being to be what we NEED to do.

I've been limiting social media for quite some time. Posting here and there sporadically. I am going to admit I have a hard time seeing so many talented folks, doing things I hope to, or things I thought I was doing but theirs is 20x better (so my mind tells me). Then the expectations come in, and the cycle continues. People telling me in business that I should be posting all the time. This is a constant struggle.

If we... if I... need to post more often, I feel the pressure to have perfect drawings or items. Because of what I do, I need to sit down and practice often (it's my daily workout), with NO EXPECTATIONS. That way the real stuff comes out. When the expectations are gone, there's more exploration, experimentation, and in many cases, innovation! That's exciting.

But not WITH expectations (which I am guessing are really self inflicted by what we THINK people are expecting). So today I am posting a picture here of only a fraction of pieces I have practiced and failed at. Thank goodness this arena doesn't affect the wellbeing of someone if my painting is ugly. No one is going to be mentally damaged for the house to be painted the wrong color. But it is difficult still, even in these small things, to admit defeat. Admitting that we are not as good as we thought we were and we put up a front. Or denying the honesty to the people we love because we are afraid to disappoint someone.

Come on folks. Let's be honest – to our loved ones AND ourselves.

The main thing is to admit the imperfection and try, try, try again. It's not the mistake, it is about how it's handled.

This post is 100% human generated content. All grammatical errors are my own.

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