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The Results are in for the Latest Recipe Card: The Librarians Loved Them

They have to be great! For a fast and easy cookie recipe, the positive responses were overwhelming!

Side note: I do a side hustle where I check in on exchange students. Because of this, I am exploring small (great) towns USA. Which then led me to Athens, Tennessee. I met the wonderful owner of White Street Market in the heart of the downtown area.

And that's where this story begins.

What a great store! I spoke with the owner, Lisa M., about all things art, Africa, and in between. Seriously, that's how wonderfully the conversation flowed. I love learning about people and cultures.

Thanks to Lisa M., I have a set of recipe cards in her store! If you have followed me for a bit, you know I started these cards with the idea that I could help shop owners sell products.

Well, you should try the jams and preserves that White Street Market sells (alongside their wonderful art, home goods, and clothes, and more!). They are from the Mayfield Park Farm company. I had to come home with the Fig Preserves because – duh, then I chose the Peach Jam.

These are both wonderful! (The WSM has more to choose from.)

A detail photo of the Jammin' Thumbprint Cookie Recipe

So what kind of recipe could I possibly make using these? This question took me back to childhood when my mom would make thumbprint cookies.

These are a strange and wonderous cookie! They're not like chocolate chip cookies, or really even the standards. But they are so deceptively delicious!

I got searching for a recipe and tried a few rounds. My neighbors are full of cookies, so I took the last test round to the library. A few days later in returning my books, the librarians came by swooning about these thumbprint cookies.

I mean, I couldn't get a word from the drool and wonderful accolades about this round of cookies.

I think there is something to these. I loved them! But this can't be the only tester as I do have different taste. That's why I hand them out to whomever will take my recipe tests... (AND because I don't need to eat 4 dozen cookies).

Here's some things I learned about making this recipe:

  • It's a small batch - which was annoying at first. It can be doubled, and we tested that, but it gets complicated with the in and out of the oven and the jam additions. I'd sooner recommend the small batch for the first few times.

  • The dough is thick. It's supposed to be - keep mixing.

  • You really should put as many walnuts in there as you can.

  • Try the jam flavors you prefer, but I can't say enough about the Mayfield Farm Park Fig Preserves and the Peach Jams that I used (I'm not sponsored). I don't mix them, but it made a lovely batch of super sweet to sophisticated fig. (The librarians preferred the Fig.)

  • The recipe I found was way off on temps and cooking times. I have made this recipe to what I found worked for our oven. If you have doubt, lower the temp, lessen the time. But that was part of the problem with the first batch.

  • Lastly - SHARE!

That's it for now. This latest recipe card makes #24 in the ...batch of cards.

Oh, and if you're in Athens, Tennessee, make sure you make your way to White Street Market.


This post is 100% human generated content. All grammatical errors are my own.

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