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If You Ask, I Will Paint

I have an Instagram friend!

You know, I've never met her. But we follow each other over time. We got to know each other merely by posts.

I guess that really isn't getting to know someone. But it's an online friendship. I would definitely say this because she announced that she is moving. And I found myself sad! I've never even met her. Oh well.

She sent me some images. Apparently antique cans are a thing. I had no idea until she sent the pics. I'm not really up to date on things.

But I loved these cans! So I painted one.

The can looked rough in the picture and the watercolor looks rough. I guess I nailed that part.

Product packaging is awesome to me - I think because I love typography. These old containers are fascinating when the text seems more pure. I can't explain what I mean by that, it's just... that.

I do hope this 'friend' has a smooth move to the new state and home. Having moved a few times, I do miss the excitement of the new adventure.

As for now, I have a painting of an antique can.

I like the challenge of picking something that is not on my radar to paint. Don't hesitate to ask. I may just do it!

My watercolor painting of an old tin

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