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Honey, It's Bread Time

I've had to make this bread at the most random, inopportune times. It is a process and needs to be made ahead of time. I go to bed early so starting this after 7pm is a bad idea. But so far, I swear it tastes best when I am not trying.

I am really not a baker and that's why this is the ideal recipe for me.

This bread recipe has been tried in the most neglectful of situations. And it is still my favorite because, so far, it turns out just fine. I haven't needed to move on to any other. We've been through a lot to get to this one recipe. LOL! I was beginning to lose hope that store bought bread would always be our only option. (There's nothing wrong with this – Hello Dave's Killer Bread! But scratch-made is budget friendly in many aspects.)

I make Dewayne's lunch every day. If the sandwich requires bread, and I don't have any ready, I have to get creative. Frankly, I'd rather make a simple sandwich than have to get creative with food in the morning. I've tested this "always turns out' theory when I've been super busy with work and not wanting to take any breaks for bread making.

I've tried this recipe when work deadlines are closing in and only paying half attention.

Bread comes out AOK.

I've forgotten to make this ahead of time and end up staying up way too late and half asleep.

Bread comes out AOK.

This is no glory claim, btw. Please do not come after me if yours does not turn out right. (Let me know in the comments below if it does not.)

We really try to suggest scratch-made recipes that are like your gramma would make – with a pinch of this and a splash of that. We really don't want the fuss – we're assuming you don't either. And we aren't professional chefs. The goal of our Recipe Cards are:

We want the togetherness in the kitchen, the understanding that scratch-made is better when possible, and it's the care in knowing what you are eating! It's scary to think many of us have no idea since everything is premade. Then of course, sending these cards out so others can do the same just makes this extra special. Who doesn't have a recipe card that has been passed down to them. And to think, having a note from that person is extra special. Be still my sentimental recipe heart.


Enjoy togetherness. Enjoy the bread. And please, slather it with butter when it's still hot out of the oven!


This blog post is completely human generated content. All grammatical errors are my own.


Did you know we do custom recipe cards? We can design your family favorite recipe into a card. The design comes with a baker's dozen of the design.

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