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Healthy Cake?

Updated: Apr 26

I just watched That Sugar Film (2014) on Netflix or one of those channels. Maybe Prime? Does't matter. But it was an artsy, interesting commentary on the consumption of sugar. (And for my artsy folks, it was very visually creative.)

Have you seen it?

The gist: a guy from Australia who claims he does not eat sugar goes on a quest to eat so-called healthy foods that many of us eat every day. The average person apparently eats 40+ grams of sugar a day so his aim was to consume this amount to see what happens. This average seems like a lot until you actually measure the amount of sugar that is in EVERYTHING.

(I saw this morning that my supposed protein packed breakfast sausage has sugar in it, too.)

The show/documentary spans over a few months to see the effects it has on him. And I'll reiterate, it was sugar consumption by foods that are marketed as 'healthy'. He still stayed away from sodas and chocolate bars.... I'll let you watch it to see for yourself. Or comment below if you want the spoiler. But think about it, do you really need a spoiler to know the results of the sugar consumption?

D and I eat fairly well. We started making things from scratch many years ago because of health issues. This way we could see what goes into our food. It still doesn't mean we eat the healthiest. I am still a believer in all things in moderation. Even after viewing this sugar film, I am convinced that we can and should enjoy sweets, whether in candy or cake or pie or whatever. But I will be the first one to tell you that whenever possible, make it scratch-made!

After awhile of making things from scratch, an understanding grew of what certain ingredients do and then more recipes became easier. We got a taste for the actual foods we were eating and realized that food can be good without sugar! It's true.

I'm definitely not the best at this baking thing. But I am trying and learning with each one. The point is that a scratch made recipe can be modified to your liking – and you can limit the sugar in some cases. Then you can choose where you source the other ingredients. Most often, unless you don't have a baking thumb, you will end up with a product that is so much better than the box version.

I'd rather have my sugar intake on the sweet treats than this so-called 'healthy' food.

Coconut Cake Recipe Greeting Card
Coconut Cake Recipe Greeting Card

Plus baking is educational for kids. Can we talk about fractions? If there's one skill kids should learn, shouldn't it be cooking? I mean, that's a lucky guess, but I'd say this skill should be in the top 5. And great example, I had no idea that coconut flakes could come in an unsweetened, organic version other than the type from my childhood (you know the kind I'm talking about). NO IDEA. I thought I was going to have to buy an actual coconut. Surely I am not the only one... Or am I?

I know we are all trying our best to be healthier. We can do this together. I mean, that's the purpose of baking, isn't it – to spend time with loved ones and then enjoy the cake at the end?

...Let me know if you saw the film. I'd be curious to know your thoughts.


All content on this page is human generated, grammatical errors and all. But of course, thanks to a computer and the internet for being tools that I can use to post this.

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