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Family Bouquet

Did you know that each month has a birth flower? They actually have 2 - as I have recently learned.

This Christmas, the daughter of a long time family friend reached out and asked if I would make a bouquet for her mom. By bouquet, I mean family bouquet, of combined birth month flowers of each daughter. And by 'making' one, she meant paint the flowers.

Of course I will do this for her!

Her grandmother and my mother are friends of almost 50 years, so I suggested making one of all the grandchildren, too.

Needless to say, Christmas was all about flowers! Flowers for days!

Original flower paintings
A few of the original watercolor paintings for the flowers. I use the offcuts from the cards.

I had no idea that this was a thing that you see on those crafty shop sites. People customize these for their family and will have the family name written below. Or it will simply say "Mom's Garden" or "Nana's Garden", etc.

There are still many more flowers to paint to have a set of an entire year. Maybe with another request to do one of these, I will paint the others as needed. I love painting, but the special requests certainly give me the push.

Coincidentally, my mom and her friend have lots of grandchildren, but the months don't overlap. SOOO, I could technically make my mom one of these bouquets for her grandchildren and I'd be able to complete the year in flowers.

We shall see! But it does sound like a great way to start the year. Don't you think?


This post is 100% human generated, only thanks to the internet, electricity, and technology for me to blast this off to you in an instant. All grammatical errors are my own. And disclaimer - Last post I used an AI generated image to place my paintings in. I hated using it. It was way too clean. This blog and site are supposed to be driven by the imperfections only a human can make. Only I can make. Thanks for making it this far.

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