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Deviled Eggs Recipe - Finally

Making Deviled Eggs is an inside joke in our household. They're a neat presentation, with behind the scenes chaos!

In fact, I almost didn't do this card despite having been the deviled egg bringer to the Thanksgiving dinner for many years.

My favorites were the ones we did of little chicks in boats. Yes. Really.

On the surface, the presentation, these eggs looked amazing! But behind the scenes, to get to this point, there was tons of strife! Eggs not pealing, yolks not cooked right, arguments over mayo quantity, what should go in them... What shapes we were going to do...

How could deviled eggs get so stressful? The holiday spirit had left me.

Original watercolor paintings.
Original watercolor paintings that are used in the cards.


One of the main reasons for these Recipe Cards was to do standard, staple recipes. The kind to teach kids to get a good first grasp of cooking and measurements, timing and portions. You know, if you knew had to make this, then you can definitely make that.

Then it hit me. Where in the world have my deviled eggs recipe been?

There are so many iterations to making a deviled egg. Some people use more mustard than mayo, some use vinegar instead of pickle juice, some people add cheese or bacon or both! It really is a preference to you. Having this recipe helps to understand the base to start from.

Deviled Eggs Recipe Greeting Card
Detail picture of the Deviled Eggs Recipe Card

This should have been the first card I made. So here it is. Finally. This is our staple way of making it for you to jump from here to make them your own.

In this card, we feature the Terrapin Ridge Farms Smokey Onion Mustard. We have 4 different mustards in our fridge - we're fans of mustard to say the least. You can choose whichever, but this particular one gives kick to your eggs! (We are not sponsored by them.)

Plus we give a quick intro to how we hardboil the eggs AND get them to peal. This is an art, it seems.

What's your family recipe for Deviled Eggs. What MUST be in it for your family?


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