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Current Project Status: Catch-up

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Be forgiving – a note to self...

Here's the state of the union at the card shop.

First of all, I am late by a day getting this blog posted. I use Tuesday as a strict deadline.

It's Wednesday.

Last night, I spent too much time thinking about how I didn't want to send out a late night notice. Some folks – not sure how you do it – have email notifications on your phone and by your bed. I did not want to be responsible for a late night disturbance.

Greeting card
The Happy Unbirthday cards test print. I have to contemplate the colors and quality before hitting the site.

Blog Project Status: Late

The blog wasn't ready. I wasn't sure what catchy title or topic to cover. I figured for today, just write about what 'I got'.

Coincidentally, I'll be speaking about blogging this Thursday at the local Chamber of Commerce meeting.

So what's up?

I have a few things in progress right now. A few things means too many. My brain needs to finish up some of them to make sure I have brain power for the next. Can you relate?

  1. I've been experimenting with recipes to make more recipe cards. Because of the recipes, the cards take a bit longer than the usual. We don't have 'perfect' recipes, but we want to make ones that are approachable for you to branch off and make it your own. Goal is 52 recipes and cards. We're up to 18. I almost said 'only' 18. But then that's down-playing our efforts. (Latest experiment- cherry amaretto ice cream. This breaks from the family friendly approach. We should try something else). Any recipe suggestions?? They're welcome!

  2. We are behind the scenes finalizing some Preservation Postcards. Our passion for painting, architecture, and preserving history – all wrapped up in a little bow. We're excited about it but painting takes time. You guessed it, we're behind in this, too. Stay tuned.

  3. Latest challenge for designing a greeting card a week: It's concept was printed late last night. Not yet on the site. Or maybe by the time you read this. CLICK HERE to see if it is. If the link doesn't work, well, you know the answer.

  4. There's a community lead project by the Friends of Seymour Library to create a history book of the area I live in. I have been helping with it – countless hours. And this isn't about my hours, it's ALL the hours from ALL the people putting it together. In fact, it has been in the making for several years. It's actually mind boggling to think about. My part is formatting and cover design. I had a slight idea – but not full idea – of what goes behind a 300+ page book. This is a record to date. I am so grateful to the people that allowed my to play this role. It's exciting to think we are about a month away from print ready files. Cross your fingers and your toes and say a little prayer... To help get this published, you can donate to their efforts HERE.

  5. Then there's that part about running a business and promoting. There's all this stuff about marketing – like getting a blog and email out (on time). A thought just occurred to me, small business folk where many hats– including the marketing aspect. If you like what they do, I challenge you to spread the word to 3 people you know that may benefit or be interested in the product or service. If you are a small business hero, share it to 5 or more folks. If you do 10? Well then, you're Superstar status!

Original watercolor paintings of local buildings
Original watercolor paintings that make their way into postcards.

OK. Time to push 'publish' and move on to the next. I'm working on proactive status as opposed to catch-up and plan for the next project status to be: Rockin' and rollin'. But maybe I am - just on the late side.

Any tips? Aside from the forgiveness part?


This content is 100% human generated - including the grammatical errors. And frankly, I am not proof reading this one. I'm already late, damage is done, but the work continues.

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