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Best Hamburger Buns Ever

For me, this is true. My buns 've never looked so good!

Really– you should have seen the last batch I attempted.

My favorite part about fresh bread is when it comes out of the oven. Right when it's hot, and I pretend that it requires half of a butter stick. You know, slather it on and watch it melt.

But I didn't want to touch this batch! It was all lined up perfectly on the pan. What am I to do?

Yes, I took one out of the neatly risen bunch to taste test - as I sit here to write this post. There might be butter on my keyboard.

Look how good these look going into the oven! This is crazy. Is it okay to be this excited over bread?

In case you're wondering, we do make the recipes on our cards. These hamburger buns are from the Honey, It's Bread Time bread recipe. I thought this would be a way to freeze smaller versions of the bread and thaw as needed. Because this is a fresh, scratch-made bread recipe, it should be eaten within 5 days. This isn't a scientific number based on any testing other than this is generally how many days we get out of it.

We aren't professional chefs, we're simply trying to make scratch-made easier to attempt. It can be intimidating. It took us a few recipes to get this to work with little to no effort. Really, the more I am focused on making this precise, it doesn't turn out as good as making all the steps fast and carefree.

For this bread attempt, I tried buns. If you take the recipe from the card, you can make this iteration. The change is to divide dough into about 10 or 11 dough balls for the second rise. Place the dough balls on a large greased (I use butter) cookie sheet about an inch apart and let sit covered (I use a tea towel) for another hour. I very lightly put an egg wash on the tops to get the color.

I stress that this needs to be LIGHTLY because I have deflated my dough in this step.

THEN bake in the oven as the recipe states except only for 20 minutes.

AND voila!

I've never been so excited to eat hamburgers. It's not something I normally say, but here I am. A new person – with great buns.

OK. The bread is made. So why do I need a card?

Have you ever tried to mail buns?


This post is 100% human created - by me - including all grammatical errors.

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