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We're in another New Location

Have you been to Yoders Country Market in Bulls Gap, Tennessee?

You're missing out. I discovered it a few years ago - thanks to my mom mentioning it. It is so full of wonderful, natural goodies, I try to go as often as I can. But that means about once a year. If you need something special in baking, of to make a gingerbread house, this is the place.

As I think about it, this is indeed, when I discovered it because I was in search of non-standard candies. You know, the old fashioned kind. Then someone mentioned Yoders. (I should talk about the gingerbread houses for the Fantasy of Trees in another post.)

Fast forward to today, I showed them the Recipe Greeting Card box, they loved it, and we are now in Yoders- another new location! This is wonderfully exciting to me because we love the store and want to be in places that our products are a great fit.

In celebration, I order a chicken salad sandwich on sourdough, with their homemade potato chips (and I don't normally eat chips but I'll theirs!) from their deli, and drank some Stooksbury Chocolate Milk.

This was a great day!

Picture of my celebratory Chicken Salad Sandwich from the deli at Yoders


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