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An AirBnB Gift Idea

This makes my goal well over half way through!

That's worth celebrating! Goodness.

A year seems like a long time. Except when you are looking down the goal line.

I am over halfway complete in my year o' blogging.

My main goal for this blogging– since I loudly declare that writing is not my OG talent – is that I use this as accountability for creating art. So far, this has worked out swimmingly. Goal: To produce at least one main piece of art a week. A week can fly by. I thought this would be something attainable.

I'd love to do art daily, but it isn't always the case. However, with all the things I do, there is a daily creative project. This can be from a design project with my other business where I do design work specializing in branding.

These projects can range from logo design to creative direction for photoshoots... that includes making homemade lemon ice cookies.

Really. This just happened. Lemon icing and all. But the goal was still to focus on watercolor paintings and drawings. So this great gift idea came to light!

I got a request to paint someone's AirBnB cabin to make notecard souvenirs for their guests. See below - cards AND original included!

I made a small watercolor painting that they can hang in their AirBnB cabin if they so choose, they have printed cards and envelopes with the location, and there's a QR code on the back. That code is JUST IN CASE the person staying at the cabin sends the card to someone. You know, to help them advertise.

The commission work is another level of accountability. I am thankful for all the requests I have been getting! It is really pushing me to do things other than my usual.

So cheers to you! Thank you for reading this far. Thank you for (hopefully) celebrating my accountability milestone. (Happy dance!)

What are you celebrating today? Being just a Tuesday is a good enough excuse for me! But this milestone of sticking with a goal is humbling. Just you wait - when the year is complete, I'll be celebrating that. Well, just making it to next week and posting something will be worthy of a celebration, too.

One step at a time.


This blog is 100% human generated content unless otherwise noted. Including all grammatical errors.

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