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Happy __________

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Happy Birthday!

Happy Graduation!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Easter!

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Friday!

Happy Monday! (Why not???)

You fill in the blank: Happy _____________________ !

There's so much to be happy about!

My nephew has just graduated from high school and now it's his birthday! Wow! Let's talk about timing. If we do Christmas in July, he'll be racking up all the good stuff before he heads to boot camp.

We talk about how our cards are for framing and sending. Or sending and framing. But when it comes to special occasions for family and friends, I can't help but create one for them - 98% of the time. I've slipped a few times. Hallmark has a few good cards and I support buying the perfect one. (Despite Hallmark never hiring me so many applications/years ago...) (I've gotten over it since then)

Here's the latest in Happy Birthday cards. It's simple. But the best things are. With all the cards being blank inside, I'm hoping that you write a message inside. AS IN – words – that make up sentences, that have meaning. It's the point of cards. Otherwise they wouldn't fold up. Right? (I need to look into this history but I like my theory...)

As for my nephew heading to boot camp? We're proud of him! But I'll admit, we are worried, too. For all the kids that choose to fight for our country, we are fiercely proud of them all! This nephew (We'll call him DM) has worked so hard to get where he is today. He's built like a tank and know he'll be great for the services.

Like any new graduate, there could be minds changed. I can't imagine as a parent having to handle this. I have to say, aunt duties are the fun kind. Even if we do worry and care – both in equal measures, I'd say it is pretty easy job. Kudos to parents handling the graduation era right now. You are not alone! Take a moment, a good deep breath, and realize that you made it through.

Military or not, we also understand there will always be something to worry about. If he went into medicine, or construction, or traveled the world... I know I would still worry a ton, as we do for all the nieces and nephews. It's just part of the growing up process (and by growing up, I mean 'me').

Are you a worrier? I see the good, but with any child growing up, I see the emotions that come with the process through my sisters. I admire them for being so strong! As an aunt, I have my own set of rules. I'll talk about that in a later blog post!

So, here's a HUGE Happy Birthday to my nephew 'DM'. May you have a wonderful day and year and be all you can be! (He's going Marine Corps though - not army.) Semper Fi!

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