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She never knew drawing "How to Draw Unicorns" instructions for her friends in elementary school would lead her where she is today. (This was in the 80's - you can do the math!)

Deanne has been drawing since she can remember. Fast forward to college years, she drew and sold greeting cards to make some spare money. It's always been a part of life. There's nothing like receiving a hand written note. There's nothing like being able to read those notes long after someone has passed. An email just isn't the same. 

  • Who's the artist?
    Hello! My name is Deanne. I live in the beautiful mountainous area called Sevier County in Tennessee - East Tennessee. (: There are some cool factoids about me - as there are about you! I'll share some of mine soon about why I paint, draw, construct, design... soon. I'll be updating the ABOUT US (ME) portion before 2023 is up, I promise. For now, you can go to Facebook or Instagram @project1128. Stay tuned!
  • Do you sell wholesale?
    Yes! Actually - this is more of what I do for the greeting cards even though we sell from this site. If you are interested in carrying our cards and displays, please reach out to Talk to you soon!
  • Why are your cards so thick?
    The cards are about so much more than just another greeting card! We love writing notes and are passionate with connecting to people - in real life. We just can't always be with them. We want these to last! We also create many of these images for the purpose of sending AND framing. The 100% cotton card stock is very sturdy, high quality, archival medium. Sometimes we consider cutting costs and printing on a lesser paper. Then we remember what this is all for. Connecting people through letter and art. Imagine (if you will) the feeling of changing a frame with one of these cards in it - one that included a letter that so-and-so wrote to you? WOW! Now imagine if you do this for someone special. ...Wait, don't imagine, send one today!
  • Are the recipes real?
    They sure are! That's the whole point. We're not chefs. But we're motivated to make things, gather in the kitchen with loved ones, make food like our grammas made. The recipes focus on a little bit of this, a pinch of that, to get people together. Make the recipe, then add or subtract as you wish. The great thing about food is that you don't have to be a chef, you can still gather and be the one that eats it! Aren't we thoughtful? You're welcome.


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Sevierville, TN

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